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BlinkPhone. The Future is Calling You.

Finally, there’s a high-quality phone service that gives you everything you need in one package – for one affordable price. NewVisions is determined to make this easy for you. That’s why BlinkPhone service is all-inclusive, without nickel-and-diming you with extra charges. Take a look at the comprehensive offerings with no contracts, no gimmicks, and no hidden charges:

• Unlimited local & long-distance calling in the domestic US & Canada
• Keep your existing number
• Phone continues working, even during power outage for up to 8 hours
• Voicemail
• Caller ID with name displayed
• Call Waiting
• Call Forwarding
• “Find Me” service, to simultaneously ring multiple phone numbers
• Three-Way and Multi-Conference Calling
• Call Blocking for anonymous calls
• Do Not Disturb feature
• Speed Dial
• Call Return (*69)
• 911 and E911 Service
• Listen to voicemail from computer with Microsoft Outlook*
• Send voicemail to another phone
• VideoPhone compatibility
• No cables, no lines - use existing lines throughout your home
• Manage your phone account from your computer

Because we care...when you call BlinkPhone for service, you’ll speak to a local person in Central New York, not someone halfway around the world. Contact us right now and let us show you just how much you can save. Ask about bundling with other Blink services, for even greater value.