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The Future of Fiber is Here, NOW!

Why wait for what’s next, when the next generation of fiber is already here in TOWN OF GEDDES? Say goodbye to “coming soon” and hello to immediate, ultra-fast connectivity. New Visions Communications is ready for you – all you need is to call and sign up. 
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Why New Visions? Here’s Why

Ultra fast connectivity

Our network was built from the ground up using fiber-optic technology, which enables us to offer symmetrical bandwidth: your upload speeds match your download speeds.

Best-in-Class Hardware:

Get connected with our Next-Generation WiFi 6 Routers, GigaSpire BLAST. A whole-home WiFi connection that’s uninterrupted. No signal drops. No hassles.

No More Dead Spots:

Our mesh network ensures your entire property is covered. Connect all your smart devices without a hint of lag or downtime.

Control at Your Fingertips with CommandIQ™:

Take complete control of your connected home. From intuitive navigation to real-time alerts and powerful parental controls, your smart home is just a tap away.

Floor Plan

Safety & Control Combined

Advanced Network Security with ProtectIQ™:

Viruses and Malware? Not on our watch. With ProtectIQ™, your network is shielded, ensuring a safe and seamless internet experience.

Powerful Parental Controls with ExperienceIQ™:

Your home, your rules. Monitor and control screen time, content access, and more for each user, ensuring a balanced and harmonious home environment.

Promise of Unrivaled Performance

Experience WiFi Like Never Before:

With our dual-band WiFi 6, dive into the most advanced WiFi bandwidth, with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

No Blind Spots

With the GigaSpire BLAST u4, every corner of your home gets lightning-fast WiFi. No exceptions.

Ready to Elevate Your Connectivity?

The future is here. New Visions Communications is your town's new gold standard for connectivity. Join us now and experience the next level of internet services.

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